About Us

Welcome to Oasis Center, a nationally recognized organization on a mission to help young people move into a happy, healthy and productive adulthood.

Oasis Center is a place where ideas come to life.  A place where creativity and dreams meet a commitment to act.

The old model of youth “charity” tries to match a young person’s needs with the services the agency offers.  In today’s world, that model doesn’t work.

Oasis Center recognizes that the lives of our young people are complex, and that supporting their healthy transition to adulthood can’t happen through a singular support.

That’s why we currently offer 21 programs ranging from Nashville’s only crisis teen shelter to Nashville’s only college counseling center for first generation college students. That’s why over a third of our young people are involved in more than one of our programs or services.  And that’s how we’re making a real difference in the lives of Nashville’s youth.