Mission & Philosophy

Helping Youth Grow, Thrive & Create Positive Change

Founded in 1969 to provide community-based care for youth experiencing alcohol and drug problems, Oasis Center has evolved over the past four decades into one of the nation’s leading youth-serving organizations, offering safety and support to Nashville’s most vulnerable and disconnected youth, while seeking to also teach young people how to transform the conditions that create problems for them in the first place.

We believe that Nashville should be and can be a model community where all young people enter adulthood connected with positive social support systems and prepared for productive and fulfilling lives. We embrace our responsibility to change the odds in our community that will allow more young people to thrive and move into a healthy adulthood.

Rather than viewing young people as passive recipients, Oasis sees them as full stakeholders who hold the keys to addressing some of the most challenging problems facing our city, including violence reduction, improved graduation rates, bullying prevention, discrimination and intolerance. Collectively, Oasis programs provide life-changing, intensive opportunities to nearly 3000 youth and their families each year. Our young people represent the diversity of Nashville’s residents, and hail from more than 60 different schools and homes that speak 26 different languages. Oasis also reaches more than 9,000 additional youth and adults through educational projects and presentations.

If you’d like to view our latest annual report, it is available for viewing or downloading here:  Oasis Center 2013 Annual Report