Oasis Center is an outcomes-driven organization that evaluates our success across three Impact Areas. Research has proven that when young people are safe, connected and empowered, they are much more likely to transition successfully to adulthood.

In 2014, over 2,700 young people accessed us through:


Clinical & Residential Services: 

  • Emergency Shelter – Provided crisis intervention to 158 youth and families, helping 97% of these young people return home safely or to another safe living situation other than state custody.
  • Street Outreach Program – Delivered immediate safety assistance and street-based case management to nearly 300 homeless and street youth. Our Drop-In Center was visited 2,772 times (a 37% increase from FY13). Of new contacts (166 youth), 73% made progress on their safety plans.
  • Clinical Counseling – Provided counseling services to 551 individuals, including 100% of youth in the Shelter. 97% (153 youth) of these young people were meeting the majority of their treatment plan goals upon exiting the program.


Youth Engagement & Action:

  • Just Us – Launched Students of Stonewall, a youth action team who, last year, contributed 1,200 service hours to affect positive climate change for LGBTQ youth in Middle TN. Finalized a contract to provide training to all secondary teachers in MNPS by 2015. In 2014, we delivered 27 trainings to a vast audience of professional organizations and youth providers, including 450 MNPS teachers.
  •  R.E.A.L – Served 83 youth involved the juvenile justice system and engaged 42 families in retreat weekends. 96% of R.E.A.L program graduates in FY14 did not receive another criminal charge.
  • Right Turn– Launched in early 2014 after Oasis Center was selected as one of five sites nationally to pilot this workforce development initiative for court-involved youth. Thus far, the program has engaged 35 youth, 63% of whom have gained real work experience through paid internships.
  • Art Studio– Collaborated with R.E.A.L, the Emergency Shelter, and STARS’ Y.O.D.A.program, providing meaningful arts experiences for healing, self-exploration, and positive expression.
  • Bike Workshop – All youth who complete the Bike Workshop (93 last year) now receive a bike odometer, helping us and them keep track of how many miles they ride their new bikes.
  • School-Based T.O.P – Programs at the middle-school level engaged 116 youth, who each provided, on average, 10 hours of service to their communities. At the high school level, 100% of the 96 youth we served avoided pregnancy and remained on track to graduate by not failing any courses.
  • Statewide T.O.P Training – We’ve now trained 175 foster care providers in T.O.P since 2012. Last year, we began a partnership with Brandeis University to evaluate these efforts. Initial data show a 43% reduction in serious incidents (e.g., runaways, violence) among the facilities we’ve trained.
  • Youth Action Councils – MTA Youth Action Team helped shape the new Metro Government policy providing free bus transportation to MNPS students. Our Youth Councils engaged 1590 additional youth participants through youth-led community events (e.g., MLK Day Rally).


Oasis College Connection:

In 2014, Over 1,000 youth across 12 high-need MNPS high schools. Nearly 100 college students connected with us at the Resource Center at Nashville State Community College.

Helping make college a reality, our H.S mentors spent, on average, 2.6 hours with each young person they saw and hosted 445 FAFSA help sessions. Keeping first-generation students in college, our NSCC retention program provided over 650 hours of tutoring to 79 youth, along with nearly 800 hours of mentoring, counseling, and support.


*Our outcomes are measured through a variety of means including self-reporting and staff observations.  Data is captured using a database developed specifically for Oasis Center.