Group Volunteers

Energetic and dedicated groups get a LOT accomplished in a short amount of time! We have a variety of group opportunities that help us continue our mission but we are always open to new and creative ideas too!

Friends from Strategic Hospitality Group build snack packs for Street Outreach!

Friends from Strategic Hospitality Group build snack packs for Street Outreach!

Threads n’ Treads: Threads n’ Treads is our clothes closet at Oasis which provides youth in our programs, some of whom are experiencing homelessness, the opportunity to pick out clean clothes that are in good shape. This space gets a lot of love, and sometimes that starts to show. Twice a month, we love for groups to come help us reorganize our space so that it is welcoming for our young people.  Typically, we host groups in the afternoon or evening. This project is a great project for smaller groups (up to 10 people).

Project Hope: Part education component, part service opportunity, Project Hope is way for groups to engage their organizations in support of Oasis young people. Groups have the opportunity to host a donation drive to collect items for our Street Outreach program which works with young adults who are experiencing homelessness. After collecting items, groups are invited to come to Oasis for a tour, prepare backpacks or snack packs with the supplies they’ve collected, and learn about the challenges faced by young people who are experiencing homelessness. This program can be on-site at Oasis (2 hours, ideally around 20 individuals) or an Oasis Center staff member can come to your location.

Physical Projects: Periodically physical projects do arise, and we love when volunteers can assist. Projects might include window washing, deep cleaning and organization, minor construction, or painting.

If your group wants to have a high impact & fun service project, pull this information together to put in an email to our Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Specific dates your group is available.
  • How many in your group?
  • Why did you choose Oasis Center?
  • Any special interest area? (Bike Workshop, Art Studio, etc.)
  • What else do we need to know about your group?
  • Do you have a project in mind or want us to assign one?

Email Volunteer Coordinator