Internships At Oasis

Spring 2017 internships have been filled. Fall 2017 internship applications will be announced soon!


Since our start in 1969, undergraduate and graduate level interns have played a huge role in the quality of service provided to the young people at Oasis Center. While Oasis Center is dedicated to exceptional client care, we also consciously seek to provide both a quality and enriching experience to our intern and practicum students. Interns go through orientation and are included as an integral part of the Oasis team. Interns are used in our Crisis and Residential programs, as well as with administrative and program staff.

Oasis Center Interns: Must be in good standing with a college or university and completing an internship for course or program credit.

Undergraduate level: Commit to one full semester, 16-32 hours per week.

Graduate level: Counseling-Commit to one full school year, fall and spring semesters. 20-25 hours per week. 

Administrative/Program– Commit to one full semester.

Graduate practicum (counseling)-Commit to 5-10 hours a week and continue on to do a full internship for a total of 3 semesters.


Possible Internship Areas

Clinical Internships are often for students studying counseling, social work, psychology, youth development, and public health. Students get hands-on experience working with young people in crisis. 

The Shelter is a two-week, residential program for teens (ages 13 – 17) who have run away, are homeless, or are in the midst of personal crisis. Our Shelter is a therapeutic program that provides young people in crisis a place of respite, support, and healing, while helping them and their families reunite safely. (Undergraduate and graduate intern opportunities.)

The Street Outreach Center is open daily 11am-2pm for young people who are experiencing homelessness (ages 18-24). The Outreach Center provides a safe place to eat a hot meal, take a shower, and connect with a caring adult and resources. (Undergraduate (summer only) and graduate intern opportunities.)

Undergraduate interns will be trained to handle crisis calls and walk-ins, as well as directing young people to various community resources. Interns will also engage young people in activities, lead circle check-ins and therapeutic activities. At times, interns will be used to develop and implement new programs for young people centered on service and personal care. Interns will also be responsible to attend to their required supervision/staff meetings. 

Graduate interns will do the aforementioned plus lead counseling sessions, therapeutic sessions, and participate in clinical supervision and staff meetings to discuss cases and treatment plans.

Programmatic and administrative interns are often for students interested in nonprofit management, youth development, program development, curriculum development, grant writing, etc. 

Development Interns: The Development team actively seeks to support the agency through fund development, marketing, and engaging the community in our mission and work. Our Development interns help through providing administrative and programmatic support, research, and special projects. Various opportunities might include learning about training, planning and managing special events, grant research and writing, or marketing.

Programmatic Interns: Programmatic Interns further the work of our various programs through curriculum development, program coordination, and administrative support. Interns help our staff, while also receiving hands on experience and knowledge in youth development activities.

Positions vary based on the current needs of the program and experience and interest of the applicant. All Oasis Center internships are unpaid. 

To apply: Email Carlee Smith a resume and cover letter. Applicants must be willing to complete the application process which includes interviews, reference checks, and a background check (as well as fingerprints if working in the Shelter).