Youth Councils

Oasis Center youth councils are dedicated to empowering young people to be catalysts for social change. We do this by helping youth develop life skills, make healthy choices, and take responsibility for creating change on the issues that matter to them and to the community.  Our nationally recognized programs are reaching beyond individual outcomes and directly empowering young people to target community conditions creating problems for them and their peers in the first place.  Current initiatives are focused on integrating youth perspective and voice into local issues and government​.  Oasis Center is the place for Nashville teens to make a difference!

Metro Transit Authority (MTA) Youth Action Team~ Abby Whisenant

The MTA Youth Action Team is an organized group of diverse high schools students who use their voice and skills to increase youth ridership for Nashville MTA. They serve as youth ambassadors, help identify key transportation issues for youth, develop action strategies for change, and partner with caring adults to promote youth transportation independence.

Mayors Youth Council

Mayor’s Youth Council (MYC)~ Brandon Hill

This group consists of representatives from public and private high schools to serve as liaisons to the Mayor and support his agenda by integrating youth perspective and voice into local issues and government.  The MYC was a critical partner in with the Mayor’s Master Youth Plan and hosted a Mayor’s Youth Summit with students from every public and many private high schools in the county.  The Council also created and distributed a youth survey which was completed by more than 1200 high school students.