Oasis Transitions

Oasis Transitions seeks to provide positive alternative resources for youth involved with the juvenile court system in Davidson County, TN. In collaboration with the R.E.A.L. Program at Oasis Center, youth will find support to establish relationships and build a foundation for learning, job placement and community engagement.

jobsProgram participants will develop a goal plan that includes education, job placement, restorative justice activities and violence reduction with the assistance of program mentors to develop a new found vision of themselves as positive contributors in our community.

Oasis Center is part of five organizations nationwide chosen to partner with the Department of Labor to implement the program. The program model is an evidence-based approach to helping young people involved with the Juvenile Justice system get on the right path.

Why is this effort imperative?

– Youth who have had any experience in the Juvenile Justice system have an unemployment rate of 21%

– 55% of youth who have offended will re-offend without an intervention

– The annual cost of incarceration is $55,000. This does not take into consideration the emotional toll on the youth, their family or the loss of productivity of youth who have the ability but lack the resources to make good choices


How can you help?

There are many ways individuals, businesses and corporations can partner with us to create valuable career skills and tangible employment opportunities that will help this segment of youth get on track:

  • Career Speakers – Share your career path and passion for your chosen profession
  • Job Shadowing – Let one of our youth join you at your place of work for a day
  • Workplace Field Trips – Host a group at your business to watch and learn!
  • Career Expo – Quarterly career fairs to find future employees!
  • Mock Interviews – Help youth learn to interact effectively during the interview process
  • Youth Mentor – Provide support and guidance to a young person to stay on their goal plan
  • Internship/Employment Opportunities – Hands on learning is very effective and empowering!


Interested in mentoring with Oasis Transitions? Click here for information on mentoring and the application:  OasisTransitions

Interested in providing internships youth involved with Oasis Transitions? Email LaSherrie McKinney-Bates: OTInternships

For more information about Oasis Transitions, contact LaSherrie McKinney-Bates.