Youth Engagement and Action

JG Kick ButtsOasis Center’s Youth Engagement and Action (YEA) division is dedicated to preparing and empowering young people to be catalysts for positive social change. We do this by offering a continuum of opportunities designed to provide young people with services that prevent problems, advance academic success, encourage community service, and promote college access. Young people, in turn, leverage these supports and opportunities to deepen their awareness of and take action on critical community issues, becoming advocates and organizers for social change.

Our program serves over 600 low-wealth youth (ages 11 – 18) throughout the school year. In addition, 150 of our most-at risk students participate in an intensive summer leadership experience through our Building Bridges program.

Our work is built upon an evidence based model called the “Teen Outreach Program®” pioneered by The Wyman Center. Youth completing TOP® experience 52% lower risk of school suspension, 60% lower risk of academic failure, 53% lower risk of pregnancy, and 50% lower risk of school dropout.

We believe that each young person has the capacity to create positive change. Our staff works to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the community. These opportunities to give back through service learning and community action and organizing are often first steps in young people realizing their real potential as contributing and engaged citizens who can shape their own community.

88% of YEA youth reported that they felt like they had the ability and were making positive change in their lives and in the community.